Al-Shiddi Trading Co. Ltd. is based on a sole proprietorship with its Head Quarters based in Riyadh. Al-Shiddi was incorporated in 1396H/1975G and is now considered one of the biggest corporation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Agricultural Activity
It is one on the major agricultural institutions active in Saudi Arabia. It own cultivated area that exceeds 8000 hectare, distributed from Wadi Al-Dawaser in the south to Wadi Sarhan.

Contracting Section
It is concerned with purchasing and developing real estate, opening and closing real estate sharing project, with long experience in constructing building block and leasing them to others.


- a branch that imports and sells agricultural production inputs, and spare parts markets seeds and crops, and hires agricultural machines and equipment.

Plastic Nets Factory a division that manufactures PVC and PE packaging irrigation pipes, and the bounding and handing threads that are used in agricultural projects.

Feed Mill Plant This factory was founded according to the recent ultra-modern technology to assure high quality production confirming to international standards.

Shiddi International a subsidiary company with head quarter in UK and activities in real estate business.

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